How I Use Obsidian As A Creative — Part 3

Welcome to part three of a four-part series where I share with you how I use Obsidian as a creative.

It’s an extensive look at how my Obsidian vault is set up and how I use it to store my thoughts, learnings, and ideas.

Today we’re going to talk about the following two directories: Literature + Evergreen.


The Literature directory contains notes for all the content I consume and learn from. This includes articles, books, videos, courses, and even social media posts.

Naming Format

I start each note with the content type:

  • {a} — article
  • {b} — book
  • {v} — video

Then I simply include the name of the book, article, or video.


The labels I use depend on the type of content:

  • #literature/article — article
  • #literature/book — book
  • #literature/video — video

Literature Note Templates

The template I use will vary depending on the type of content:

Article Template

This is for notes based on the articles I read.

I clip articles from the web into a Notion DB. You can check out my Notion Library Tour to see how I capture this content.

Once I’ve read an article and taken rough notes, I create an Article note in Obsidian and refine my notes.

# {{title}}
URL:[Article Link]()
URL:[Notion Link]()
Tags: #literature/article

Book Template

This is for notes based on the books I read. Similar to Article notes, Book notes start life in Notion and are then refined in Obsidian.

I publish the book notes I create here on my website as well as add them to my Knowledge Vault of Digital Notes.

# {{title}}
Tags: #literature/book
URL:[Notion Book Notes]()
URL:[Mishacreatrix Book Notes]()

## The Book In 3 Sentences
## Who Should Read This Book?
## How The Book Changed Me

Video Template

This is for notes based on videos I watch.

# {{title}}
URL:[Video Link]()
URL:[Notion Link]()
Tags: #literature/video


The Evergreen directory contains all my evergreen notes.

There are lots of definitions of evergreen notes but for me, these are atomic ideas or concepts that I find useful, I learn something from, and are interesting to me.

Naming Format

There is no naming convention for these types of notes, I just try to make sure they are understandable out of context as they should stand on their own.


These types of notes are labeled: #evergreen.

Evergreen Note Template

This is a simple template with the tags, topics, note content itself, then the source at the bottom of the note.

Tags: #evergreen


That’s it for this part of the series. The next post will be released next Monday.

In the meantime, you can read the original article I wrote over on my website: A Walkthrough Of My Obsidian Setup

Originally published at on December 13, 2021.

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